Brighton MakerFaire joy…

Son1 vs the Daleks

Son1 vs the Daleks

This weekend I experienced my first MakerFaire.  For the uninitiated, it’s a space where people come together from all over the maker spectrum, be it arts and crafts, electronics, 3D printing, robot makers and more. They display what they are working on, run workshops to enthuse others and generally everyone gets their geek on to delight in what we can make and what we can get what we make to do. It was a fascinating place.

Son1 loved seeing what was going on, getting to drive remote control cones, hang out with robots, make a tree out of some kind of creative clay, see Daddy being drawn round and a tiny scale drawing appear on a separate piece of paper, getting to play with a 3D printed marble run and stroking the robot unicorn. No place is complete without a robot unicorn.

Husbandface enjoyed talking to all the makers, asking questions, more questions and more questions. I think I could have left him happy there all day talking and talking about all the uber interesting and creative stuff.

Son2 enjoyed waving and pointing and smiling at people.

And I, I enjoyed the vast array of geeks in once place. People really passionate about making cool stuff that may or may not have a use in this world. I loved seeing people come to life when talking about these things. I loved seeing people who make stuff out of other stuff cos it looks pretty or does incredibly intricate things. I especially loved husbandface’s love of talking to random strangers (who does that?) when we chatted to a guy who 3D prints prosthetic limbs for children, apparently the NHS doesn’t give children prosthetic limbs because they grow too much and it’s too expensive. For a relative small cost this guy and others were helping children find new levels of freedom and abilities with these 3D printed limbs. It was incredibly moving and proved to me once more that geeks really do change the world. A fairly good direction to encourage the boys in I think.

Bernard the Robot (clearly inspired by Nobot the Robot :))

Bernard the Robot (clearly inspired by Nobot the Robot :))

Son1 came back and made Bernard the Robot the next day so I think we’ve definitely started that already.

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