Because I must write… even if it is about Peppa Pig…

Peppa and George love jumping in muddy puddles, everyone loves jumping in muddy puddles...

Peppa and George love jumping in muddy puddles, everyone loves jumping in muddy puddles…

Today all I have are thoughts about Peppa Pig. Can you tell I want to write again but have nothing profound to say? Bear with me. It could take a while for my mojo to return.

But for now. Ah Peppa. I hated you to start with. Your family seemed to be all the wrong kind of things. You seemed to scorn Daddy Pig and his silly ways, laughing at him, expecting him to be useless. You are bossy beyond belief. Mummy Pig holds it all together (let’s all buy into that superwoman can have it all mentality eh) and George, George just says dinosaur because that’s all he can say.

I withheld you from son1 for a long time. And now, now you are the only thing he will watch on Netflix that hasn’t been proclaimed as scary. (and yes it has to be Netflix because I can’t ring up a new episode of Bing or Chuggington or whatever else I enjoy watching with him, when also getting son2 napped and me clean in the morning, Netflix will gloriously play episode after episode.) Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam and even the Tellytubbies have fallen by the wayside.

What is it about your vacuous charms Peppa? I think I’m coming to see that you aren’t all that bad after all. I’d like to see you all paying a bit more respect to Daddy Pig. But you know, he seems like he can take the teasing and is one of those blokes who isn’t good at DIY and loves cake. Fair enough. He doesn’t represent all men and I think secretly likes to be teased by you all. At the end of the day he loves you all very much and is brilliantly gentle with George when he is scared (most of the time). He’s not so bad. Mummy Pig is just trying to hold it together, she loves you all too and is also brilliant at gentle parenting and showing you she loves you all. I would want to avoid the times she gangs up against Daddy Pig with you but each to their own eh.

As for you Peppa. You are irritatingly bossy, want things your way, are mean to your brother and want to be the centre of the world. Sounds like my boy and every other toddler I’ve met. You are also lovely to your brother sometimes and listen to correction.

Maybe Peppa isn’t so bad after all. Or maybe it’s awful in some ways and brilliant in others. Much like life then. I’ll not worry about son1’s exposure to it too much.

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