The one with the Anniversary…

Alright, welcome to the annual mush fest that is the Anniversary Post. Yep, that time of year has rolled around again. It turns out we’ve been married for five whole years now. Our marriage is as about as old as our Godson. We like to look to him to see what kind of state we should be in, so we don’t over expect things from ourselves. This was very helpful in the first couple of years, looking at a small child learning to walk seemed pretty appropriate to where we were. Five years into this adventure and in people terms we’ve just settled into school life and can articulate some stuff.

Let’s remind ourselves of those fresh faced people of 5 years ago.

me and him

And now here we are with the tiny people joining us on this adventure.



It’s been a year in which I have been once more impressed at the ability of husbandface to love his grumpy pregnant/sleep deprived wife. He’s cared for me and our boys above and beyond his own strength. I continue to love and adore his passion for life, his giant brain, his gorgeous fuzzy face, his brilliant parenting, his love of our Maker, his patient care and his compassion for those around him.

5 years in and I’m so so glad of him in my life and am looking forward to the rest of this adventure.

It’s been 5 years…

5 years since the ‘I wills’ , the promises of whatever, wherever, whenever, I am yours.
5 years since the first stumbling steps we took together.
5 years since we grinned our way up an aisle.
5 years since we dripped tears at finally belonging to each other.

5 years of starting to figure out how to walk this path together.
5 years of struggling to love, to honour and cherish.
5 years of starting to learn to put the other first.
5 years of beginning to die to self and embrace the wonder of the other.

5 years full of fun, joy, laughter, cuddles, box sets, coffee shops, camping, holidays, Brighton loving, hand holding, delight in each other.
5 years full of misunderstandings, struggles to communicate, loud awkward silences.
5 years of storms knocking us sideways, end of term exhaustions and the darkness of my mind.

5 years and now 2 new lives to bumble along this journey with.
5 years and now facing new challenges and joys daily.
5 years and now learning to parent, to know more of sacrifice, to love through the sleepless nights and exhausting days.

5 years of me and you.

Here I stand. 5 years on. Learning so much from living this life with someone else. In awe of his love for me and our boys. Frustrated as ever by the sin and selfishness that entangles us both. Still delighted to share life with my best friend, my lover, my husbandface.

Raise your glasses once again 🙂

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1 Response to The one with the Anniversary…

  1. k8vincent says:

    I love it! Don’t forget all the bumps and bruises and the broken collar bone 😉

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