adventAlright people, it’s advent. Advent is that brilliant time where we get to remember for a whole 24 days what the whole point of Christmas and, lets face it, life is. You might find a few adventy posts around here, or maybe just some recycled ones from previous years, there is a lot of material to draw on. Mostly I’m excited because Sufjan Stevens can once again be on repeat constantly in the house and I can dig out the Advent Calendar I determinedly sewed together in a haze of extreme sleep depravation last year.  This year I think we’ll be following along with the wonderful Alison Joy Bolton and her advent suggestion of listening to a bit of the Messiah each day with Bible verses printed out alongside.

I’m slightly sad that sonface is a little bit too young to get it all but I’m sure I’ll be reading him books about the Christmas story that he can ignore and instead throw his favourite book about Hippos going Berserk into my lap. Ah well, maybe next year we’ll do something as cool as the lovely Adele. 

I’ll leave you with Sufjan as always. Balm to the soul as we wait for our Emmanuel. God is with us. Phew.

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