On women.

The excellent Tanya Marlow has been blogging about women. You should read her thoughts here. She got me thinking again about women in ministry as did this article by Karen Soole here. This one by some people in Scotland also seems to make a lot of sense. I want there to be more women employed by churches, I want there to be more opportunities for training, development and for diverse and different voices to be heard in our churches and in the wider conferences that people attend.

I am very grateful for my church leader, grateful that he bucks the trend in the Christian subculture he inhabits and makes room for me and others to preach in church. I am glad that he values our gifts and seeks to develop them in a wide ranging context. I am glad he values the women in the church enough to make sure they are looked after and out for.

Here’s me preaching from this Sunday. I don’t think I’ll be at a conference near you anytime soon but I am glad to be able to bring God’s word to his people and be transformed by it as I do so.

There is a whole wealth of debate that goes with this. I have no brain to enter into any of it but I am glad in my small church community that good work is going on to see women valued and used.

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