Dear Sonface…

IMG_2026Dear sonface.

So, a whole year of you. You’ve gone from being a wide eyed bundle of need to a small boy tottering around the place. From a cute faced baby to a giggling, cuddling funny little boy. We love you.

It hasn’t been the easiest year, sleep is one of those things that has always eluded you greatly and we’ve had to help you through that. We’ve tried to do that patiently and carefully seeking to help you know you are safe and loved. We know life is a bit confusing for you most of the time and you don’t really understand much. We’ve not done that well all the time and we’re sorry for that. We always want you to feel safe and secure in this world and we love that we have a God, a Father who teaches us how to love you in this way.

He’s a brilliant Dad who has held our hands as we’ve tried to learn how to be your parents. We hope you’ll know him too one day.

We’ve had so much fun with you this year, it hasn’t all been hard (your Daddy would have probably liked me to have pointed that out sooner). We really enjoy you, we delight in all the things you’ve learnt this year – where your hands and feet are, how to cuddle, how to laugh and clap your hands, your crazy dance moves and your endless curiosity. Never still for long it’s always hilarious and wonderful to watch you explore this world.

You haven’t completed our empty lives, we don’t think you are the answer to all our problems but you have taught us of sacrifice, of love and what wonder, pain, cost, joy and more is involved in bringing you small people into this mad world.

We are a bit crackers about you, we giggle about your craziness when you are fast asleep in the next room. You have, and forgive the cheesy saying, stolen our hearts and made us more soppy than we already were. We hope you will always know and be secure in our love as we journey through this life together.

We haven’t been perfect parents, we’ve messed up and got things wrong lots. That’s why we are glad you have a perfect parent who loves you even more than we do. He teaches us how to love you and we’ve learnt so much of how he loves us this year. We long that you would know him one day. He’s brilliant and knows how to not get frustrated with grumpy cries – I’d get in with him if I were you.

Looking forward to all this next year will bring.

All our love

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