From the world of holiday…

imageToday is our last day of holiday on the lovely Kent coast – we’ve had a lovely time away, well as lovely as you can with a small boy who still thinks sleep is for the weak. It’s in these times that I have to adjust my expectations for holidays. Before said child I always used holiday times to think deep thoughts about the universe, to recharge my batteries, connect again with the creator of the universe and generally indulge in a bit of over analysis. All that has changed. Brief snatches of that old way have been found, with a couple of morning moments on the beach just outside our flat, but holidays take on a different flavour at the moment.

I think they are refreshing, but not in the same way. Holidays now seem to be refreshing because they involve a change of pace, people and place (so glad to have found 3 points beginning with the same letter)

It is good to be away from the normal routine, it is good to not be doing the same old stuff, it is good to do more or less in a day than normal. There is time to stop and enjoy my boy more, there is time to do fun grown up things as he sleeps in a sling or just gazes at stuff as we do it. We’ve enjoyed many castles here, the best being Dover Castle and the underground tunnels. A very cool light exhibition underground gave sonface an excellent sensory experience as we learnt about the uses of the tunnels over the years. All in all a very satisfactory day.

It is wonderful to have husbandface around for the week, for him and the boy to bond more and for my arms and back to have a bit of a break. It is also wonderful to have other friends around. Emily provides a small child to look at for constant amusement and other grown ups help with entertainment, hugs and sympathy for us. It’s good to share this world with others, they help us see life is not all so bad and give excellent support when another night of no sleep leaves us vacant and weary. It is good to be with friends who I’ve shared this life journey with for a long time now. I am glad the friendship survives our many changing circumstances. Wonderful to be with Sarah, Anna, Johnny and Emily.

I love not being in our flat for a while, it is lovely not looking around thinking I must sort out that, that or that. I love that we can share cooking, cleaning and tidying with others. The sea outside our doorstep is very soothing, instantly accessible beach is a winner in my book. Deal also has a number of very pleasing independent coffee shops to hide from the rain in, and amusing people in them who talk loudly about how they should be all more like Starbucks…

All in all, given the lack of sleep and the horrid day when I was sick we’ve had a great time. Going home won’t feel like a let down because the differences between the two worlds of holiday and everyday life aren’t as marked as they used to be. Maybe the old adage is true. A change might really be as good as a rest after all…

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