Waiting for the dawn…

Sunrise over the sea. The dawn always comes...

Sunrise over the sea. The dawn always comes…

One of my favourite passages associated with Christmas is Isaiah 9. Recently I read it with some friends and the chapter before. It comes in the context of judgement, in the context of darkest of nights and a people warned that if they go astray there is no hope and no dawn.

The idea of that fills me with horror. How could there be no dawn? The nights at the moment are long and weary. The best bit of the day is post my shower and realising that the night has past, the dawn has come. There is a new day to embrace.

No dawn is too hideous to contemplate. The nights are long enough at this time of year anyway. No dawn is too scary a prospect.

Isaiah 9 comes along bursting out the hope, the light, the reassurance that the sun will rise again. There will be no more gloom. No more darkness. No more night. The Wonderful Counsellor, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace will come.

There is hope.

He has come

He will come again.

The sun always rises in the sky each day. Jesus will come back. He will come again.

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1 Response to Waiting for the dawn…

  1. Mia says:

    Hi Kath
    Oh, yes, nature shows us this truth day after day after day when the morning breaks after even the darkest night!
    Thank you

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