Advent and Beach Huts

As usual this year I’ll be attempting to blog through advent, which will be more sporadic than usual as my typing skills are somewhat limited when one handed. I’ll kick off at the weekend at some point but for now I’m looking forward to the joy of the annual Beach Hut Advent Calendar along Hove seafront. This year the theme of Mandy’s Hut is ‘Angels from the Realms of Glory’. We’ll be focusing on the line, “You who told creation’s story, now proclaim Messiah’s birth”. Many people have been asked to offer something that reminds them of creation, that is meaningful to them about this wonderful created world we live in.

My offering was, of course, my picture of the Buttermere Valley in the Lake District. It’s been too long that I’ve been away from it but here’s my reflection and ode to it.


Oh and if you live in Brighton, come down on the 12th December, 5.30-6.30, Beach Hut 44. If you don’t you can check out everyone’s offerings over at the pinterest site here.

 The Buttermere valley in the Lake District remains the place that most awakens my soul and reminds me that there is a creator to this world. There is something about the fells surrounding the lake, the feeling of safety in the valley, security and being enveloped by beauty. It is a place I keep coming back to year after year for that elusive feeling of peace, wonder, awe and a sure sense that the maker of it all knows and loves me.

Ode to Buttermere:

‘Returning always feels like coming home
Rooted here my soul finds peace again.
Reminded, I am not at the centre of all this.

There is peace in your valley, there is hope along the road
There is peace in your valley as the mountains call me on.

Melted, my heart finds grace again.
Astounded, your beauty makes me sing.
Awakened, and I can breathe again

There is peace in your valley, there hope along the road.
There is peace in your valley, as the mountains call me on.

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