A time to celebrate

Not a shower of babies but lots of food and friends 🙂

This weekend was a time to celebrate, firstly and rather shyly I was celebrated at my baby shower. I think this is a concept that has come across the water and can range from a cheesetastic event to something that is really meaningful. Unsurprisingly mine was firmly down the end of something that was really meaningful. My lovely friend and sister in law Roz organised it all and delightful ladies turned up to encourage me into the land of motherhood. They shared nuggets of wisdom from their own experience of being Mum’s or from their memories of their mothers/mother figures in their lives. Then they prayed for me. There is no way we are going to survive the next few months well without the strength and grace God provides for each moment of each day.  A few years ago I would have never imagined in a million years I’d be blogging about my baby shower. Weird times and a lot to come to terms with. I’m glad we’re not setting out on this adventure alone, I’m deeply glad we are bringing our baby into a community who will love and support him alongside us. Phew.

40 years of Paul and Marjorie. Yey.

Sunday was also a time of celebration, my parents have been married for 40 years (well 40 years and a day now), we got some of the family together, ate lots of food and sniggered at their wedding photos. I can’t really put into words the wonder of two people walking this life together through the ups and downs, the mountains and valleys for 40 years. I’m so grateful for their example, their faithfulness throughout those years, the way they brought my brother and I into their marriage and have been brilliant parents. They’ve taught me that marriage isn’t a perfect ideal state but that it’s a long haul kind of adventure. They’ve also taught me that it’s still ok to hold hands when walking down the street 40 years on. Here’s to them and the God who has bound them together.

(One of the the more amusing moments of the day was when my brother and I stood in the kitchen and remembered the grand ambitions for this day that we’d decided on 15 years ago on their 25th Anniversary.  Back then all we could do was cook them a nice meal at home, we had grand plans that for their 40th we’d send them away for a romantic weekend together. 15 years on and we’re not quite there yet… ah well it’s their fault for teaching us that there were more important things than making lots of money… maybe for their 50th…)

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