Something nothing can change

I’m not one for usually posting ‘gospel presentations’, generally they make me feel a little ill, still scarred from the overuse of ‘Two Ways to Live’ at university I run from the general idea of them. They can seem to reduce the wide expansive nature of our God, aren’t great when recited parrot fashion and don’t contain a whole lot of that thing called nuance. (for the sake of nuance I know they can be useful if used in the right way etc etc I’m not completely against summaries of what I believe…).

Preamble over. I watched this yesterday morning. I like it. Mainly I like it because it hit me over the head with the reality of what has happened to me. So go ahead watch it.

321 from Jeremy Poyner on Vimeo.

Seen it?

It’s the status thing I can’t get away from. I was in Adam, affected by his sin, living in a world now broken and torn to pieces and then God came in, picked me out of all that and gave me a new status. A new identity. A new life. I am in Jesus.

Which I can’t do anything to change.

Just as I was powerless to change myself into being a child of God, loved by him, approved by him. I am powerless to change back. I really am a child of God, loved by him and approved by him. That’s me when I wake up in the morning. That’s the starting point for the day. That’s the end point in the evening when I wearily climb into bed.

I am stupid. I’ve spent lots of my time in my life telling others that this is true, telling people that God really does love them no matter what, that nothing can change that. Somewhere along the way I’ve started to realise I’ve forgotten to tell myself these things.

I cling to perfectionism, to pride, to thinking I can sin my way out of God’s love or work my way back into his love with my charm and cheeky smile. The truth is I can’t do either of those things.

This is my status. This is who I am. I am a daughter of the King, I’ve been brought into his family, I’ve been welcomed into his relationship of love, I’ve been cleaned, washed and am part of the bride. No one can tear me away from this, nothing I do can change this.

Nothing I do can change this.

The effect on my heart this morning? Confidence. A desire to see the world in a different light. A sense that it’s all ok. A quiet stirring within my soul that I am free to love.

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4 Responses to Something nothing can change

  1. Cat says:

    Its brilliant isn’t it? I like 321 because its so relational and talks of God as Trinity and as you said it talks about identity who we were and who we are 🙂 Im excited about using this on campus!

  2. Glen says:

    Really pleased you had this reaction (it’s firstly a tool to evangelise *Christians*!!) People think original sin / bondage of the will / union with Adam is a turn-off – you nail exactly why it’s a precious part of the good news.

    I think I’m at your gaff this Sunday. Bring it on!

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