Goodbye Drumming, for now…

It was with a heavy heart that I decided that today would be my last African Drumming Class. Over pregnancy these have become increasingly hard to stay focused through and the new development of backache has made them pretty painful. It is time take note of Mcsquirmy and the impact he’s* having on my body.

I thought it would be a fairly straightforward decision, just stop drumming until after Christmas when the boy can be left alone** for a couple of hours in the evening (hopefully) and I can bash things in time to glorious effect again.

It turned out to be not so straightforward to up and leave. It’s been 6 years since I plucked up the courage to go and since then this drum class has pretty much been one of the most stable things about my life in Brighton. I’ve moved at least 4 times since joining, I’ve got married, got pregnant, moved churches and jobs. Still every Thursday evening I’ve hung out with some people who also like bashing things in time and making awesome fat drum sounds. I’m going to miss it. I’m going to miss that slice of Brighton life and the people who inhabit totally different worlds but come together because of our love of rhythm.

Today feels like the end of term, a new chapter is beginning and I very much expect it will still involve drumming and other things I love, but it’s good to stop a while and notice the changes going on

*Yes, he’s a boy. That personal pronoun drop was intentional.

**Clearly not alone on his own. On re-reading this morning I’ve realised that you might think we’re hoping to have a very advanced baby who can be left alone. Before you call in the social workers- I mean alone without the milk lady but with the very excellent husbandface.

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3 Responses to Goodbye Drumming, for now…

  1. Anneban says:

    Congratulations Kath darling. It’s hard to leave something that’s been part of your life for a long time, though sometimes very needed. When I was expecting Vertti, I did pottery, and thought I would have to leave that when the time comes to have the baby. All the others expected me to have a half a year break at least. But it just so happened, that the last class I went to was the day before he was born (I couldn’t sit at the spinning wheel but I could do other types of stuff just as well), the week after giving birth was the mid term holiday, and the following week I was back, with the wee baby on a baby sling. I do understand that loud drumming may not be the best thing for a wee baby, but if he happens to be an easy baby, you might get him a pair of hearing protectors and carry him along. After all, he’s been on the drum class with you once a week for all his life in your tummy, it might be one of the only few recognisable places and safe havens for him. Vertti, son of a musician, fell asleep immediatelly at concerts when he was younger. I suppose loudish music had always been part of his life, even in my tummy, and he felt safe wearing his protectors and listening to music he’d heard all his life. I’d encourage you not to let completely go of the idea of going to drum class. It might just end up being the most comfortable place for you and the wee one (especially if husbandface can sit in a corner and give him some milk) 🙂

  2. pilgrimKath says:

    thanks lovely 🙂

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