Weakness Pt3 Dealing with each day…

So, it’s time to go back to some of my ramblings on weakness- see here and here for parts 1 and 2.  Also see updated artwork by the excellent Jason.

I want to ask some questions about how we deal with the daily experience of weakness in our lives. It’s all very well in a moment of vulnerability admitting we are weak, but I always think that once I have admitted it then I should somehow have got over it and the next time I mention it people will be bored or frustrated that I am still weak.  Weakness is part of our daily experience and will be until we get home. We are being transformed daily as well but I’m not sure we are being transformed into independent people who get everything right all the time. I think we are being transformed into being more like Christ, more loving, more full of grace, more kind, compassionate, humble and the rest. I think weakness goes hand in hand with those things.

The question is, how do we deal with that? I want to be strong, independent and perfect. How can I keep loving in the midst of weakness? How can I keep being vulnerable? How can we keep on being honest about our weaknesses whilst holding onto the hope of God’s work in our lives to help us live out this life of love he calls us to?

I’ve been reading Psalm 27 a bit recently and it might have the start of the answer. David is surrounded by enemies, he feels the pressure from all around and yet he declares that he will not fear, he will not be afraid. Not because of his great army, not because of his excellent leadership skills but because of the reality of the Living God in this world. When faced with craziness all around he tells his heart to do one thing. To seek God. To gaze on His beauty and everything else going on lines up behind that.

I long to learn the daily lesson that the one thing I must do each day is seek Gods face, gaze on his beauty and let that shape my day. Remembering I am secure in him is the one thing that gives me the ability to keep walking through the day, not what others think or whether I think I’ve dealt with the day well.

When I come to the end of the day and see the ways I have messed up, sinned and failed to walk his ways my hope is still in His power and His strength. I wake again because he sustains me. Because I am still part of his family his grace keeps me walking and enables me to not be overwhelmed by my sin and shame.

His grace sustains us. His grace keeps us able to face our weaknesses without fear, confident, as David was, that we will see the goodness of God in the land of the living. I want to give my weaknesses to God each day and ask for his help to live well in the midst of them. He may never take them away, he may do miraclous transformation within me, he may work slowly and patiently over time redeeming them, whatever he does with them the call on each day is to ask for his help to live the life of love I am called to, to ask for help in not letting my weaknesses paralyse me. When I get to the end of the day I am called not to despair but again to know His grace as enough, forgiving the ways I’ve messed up and giving me strength to wake up again tomorrow. It’s a long slow walk home but we have one who walks with us holding our hands, who has more patience with us than we do and more grace to keep us in his arms as we go on.

What helps you walk through life with your weaknesses? What truths about God actually shape and make a difference in your day?

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