A new Blog

I’m so excited by this blog that it deserves a blog post all of it’s own. My lovely Brother and Sister-in-Law have just returned from the land of Canada.  Spewed up on the shore of England once more they find themselves in a new landscape and have made the wonderful decision to get their writing and life out there in the bloggy world. I like this for a number of reasons.

1.They can both write. Like really well. Like better than these sentences.
2. They don’t fit a mould, this will be a blog that is always interesting, thought provoking and will point you back to our brilliant God in ways you weren’t expecting.
3. It’ll be fun guessing who wrote which post.
4. It’s about finding God in life. Whether that’s in the study, in the kitchen, bringing up two boys or any other senario these are people who want us to find God in all of life. I need reminding of that. I need the refreshing truth of that. I’m pretty sure you do to.
5. I love these guys.You should too.

There you go. Click here now.

Why are you still here…? Off you go…

But still come back and visit sometime OK?

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