Advent 19 (well not really anything to do with advent…)

2 years ago today I promised to love someone through the storms of this life, for better, for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, he promised the same. We gave each other all we had. We gave each other our bodies. We entered into the mystery that is marriage. We knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park but we held each others hands tight and set off into the adventure of the rest of our lives.

This year the storms have gathered, the rain has set in and we have trudged wearily on. Sunny moments have come, the view has been a good one at times but there have been painful weary moments along the way. Marriage is not easy. Loving someone unconditionally whether they deserve it or not is not easy. Believing that someone loves you in such a way is not easy. Thankfully we’ve been part of a bigger story, we’ve had a God who has held our hands as well. We’ve had a story that teaches us how to forgive and show grace to each other. We’ve had a story that has given us hope in the darkest of times and we’ve felt Him literally hold us together as the night set in.

It’s been a hard year but there is no-one else I would have rather lived through this year with, I’ve seen more develop in Husbandface’s character than ever before this year, I have been incredibly proud to be called his wife, I’ve been bowled over by his bravery and strength, I’ve loved laughing with him, crying with him and walking through the storm with him. We’ve been shaken but through it all we’ve known together the one whose foundation is firm and who will never ever ever forsake us. I love that we’ve known more of that heavenly love woven into our lives and weaving us closer together.

Grab a glass of Mulled wine and raise it to Husbandface. He’s a good one.

(I figure I’m allowed one soppy post a year right?)

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5 Responses to Advent 19 (well not really anything to do with advent…)

  1. Many congratulations to you both! I was there!

    Though, of course, this has everything to do with advent, as every marriage is an anticipation of that great wedding supper of the Lamb, when Christ returns, when heaven comes down to earth, and when we all set off together on that great adventure of life, the thrills and joys of which we have only begun to glimpse.

    Come Lord Jesus!

    • Imee says:

      Emily I am in the green group right? I have two emails buecase when I first registered I picked the wrong one blue . I visited Sam’s sight seriously you two are so amazing. I can’t wait to have my printer working so I can print off some worsheets. love shelby

  2. Sarah (aka cakeandbiscuits) says:

    It was an honour to be part of the wedding and an ongoing privilege to support you in your married life.
    Big hugs….
    Lots of love

  3. Fiona says:

    This is lovely and very moving. And you looked gorgeous on your wedding day!

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