Advent 16

We’re off to Cornwall for the next few days, advent reflections will still appear here though, as if by magic… Or the power of scheduled posts. Enjoy.

Dory the fish might just have stumbled across the greatest spiritual truth of all. Throughout my life I have lived the story of wondering who I am, what makes up Kath. When things change around me I get all confused and forget who I really am, I forget what I’m standing on and I worry, I try and cling onto people to define me, roles to define me, helping others to define me or despair to define me. I listen to music from my childhood to remember my narrative, I wonder where my story is, I get lost. I go down rabbit holes, I stray from the fireplace and the one who is telling the story that I belong to which is bigger than just little old me.

And then he comes and finds me, he battles through the thickets of the things I have become (a phrase nicked from Adrian Plass) and he finds me, he holds my hand and leads me back to the old old story that has been woven into my life for so long, the story that does not change, and I gaze on his face, and I gaze on his face and I remember. I remember that when I look at Him, I am home.

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1 Response to Advent 16

  1. Sameer says:

    Thanks for posting this, Kath! I identify with what you’ve so articulately with such feeling. Bless you!

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