Advent 15

Last night I experienced another one of those evenings where I was eternally grateful that I live in Brighton. The Beach Hut Advent Calendar is back this year and I had the joy of hanging out with the delightful Mandy as she prepared for her one and set it up last night. The theme of the hut was sheep, in keeping with the overall theme of looking at characters from the Nativity throughout the 24 days of Advent. In the weeks before a group of us from church had spent some happy hours over a vat of mulled wine knitting rectangles of fluffy wool together. These were then installed in the Beach Hut as sheep out on the hills.

Howling wind and sheet lightning over the sea provided an atmospheric backdrop as we admired the scene and interacted with where the installation was taking us.  We were encouraged to reflect on the Lost Sheep, musing on the verse from the poem, “The Lord’s my Shepherd”: “Perverse and foolish oft I strayed, but yet in love he sought me, and on his shoulders gently laid and home rejoicing brought me.” There were even a couple of lost sheep to be found around the hut. Morris dancers helped warm along the proceedings and local poet Katrina Quinn  gave us some words to warm the soul. Head here to ponder on some of her reflections on the lost sheep.

All in all another quality, if chilly night out in Brighton. The huts continue until Christmas Eve, check out the Beyond Brighton website for which hut will be opening on each evening. As the crowds drifted away we made an attempt on the a how many people can you get in a beach hut record. 14 fitted pretty comfortably and more importantly provided some warmth at the end of proceedings.

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