Advent 4

“God knows everything about you. He is thoroughly aware of all the personal struggles that threaten to undo you. He knows your history and your present life, all of it. And all he says to you is ‘Christ’.  In previous days God distributed bits and pieces of information, and he gave it to us in a variety of ways. But now he tells us that everything he made known earlier is more fully revealed in Christ. That is his final speech, there is no more to say.  

God wants you to sit by the fire and listen to the Spirit read sixty six books that tell all about home… and when you think about a friend struggling he wants to you leave the living room and go to the attic where that person is telling his story , but to return quickly with your friend so both of you can listen to a far better story.

Most of us are crawling about in a stuffy attic, trying to explain life, demanding to be right, doing our best to relieve pain, and wondering where God is. It is time to find our way back into the living room and into the Fathers arms, where we can listen to his Spirit tell the story of Christ.”
Larry Crabb – Finding God

That story we remember during this advent time.

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