Day 46 and a thankful roundup

Thankful for…. a palpable sense of the presence of the risen Jesus in our lives this weekend. Glad that he holds out his hand to walk us through this life and into the next. Thankful for vulnerability, the love our community has for each other, grace upon grace for broken people and the wonder of a God who steps towards us in love.

The end of being thankful in a formal internet way has come upon me. I’m thankful for it (see what I did there;)) and I hope to carry on being thankful beyond the world of Easter. Living a life of thankfulness has reminded me once again that there is someone to thank, that there is an unseen world beyond the mere physical and that I am a very dependant creature indeed. It hasn’t stopped the hard things being hard, it hasn’t been a self help technique, it’s a very real reminder that I am in the hands of the Maker of this world, and that changes pretty much everything. It’s been a helpful readjustment of my internal monologue to honour the One who made us, who loves us and who is in charge.  Here’s to more and more days of thankfulness…


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