Day 24

Thankful for… Lazy Saturday morning with Binface, asking each other the questions from the weekend section of the Guardian, chatting about ‘The God I don’t Understand’, trying to hold the questions together with trust in a God who is in charge and who is very good, loving that He is wide and expansive and we can’t wrap up what it means to believe in him into nice neat packaged arguments or answers. Loving that this walk home is about relationship, love and hanging onto big fat truth in the midst of that. Bumping into John and Mandy at the cinema and going way out of our comfort zones for dinner in the suburbs of Hove.

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1 Response to Day 24

  1. Sarah says:

    Giving thanks for the lovely time with my god-daughter and her family, for enjoying the transformative effective that a kids cartoon can have on a grumpy child, for making her laugh (and for another lazy evening on the sofa)

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