Psalm 107

Yes, it’s another Psalm, about you guessed it, the love of our God. My head is tempted to skip to another topic, to redress the balance with some fire and brimstone talk. (I’m not sure why, I’ve never been much of the fire and brimstone kind of person). There is something deep within me that seems to be afraid to believe that God really is this kind and compassionate. I know I’ve done wrong, I know that I get this life wrong lots of the time, but in the face of that, instead of a God who wearily puts up with me I find myself again in the face of a God who has great love for me and his people.

The Psalm ends with these words:

“Whoever is wise, let him heed these things and consider the great love of the Lord”

What things should we heed? Look back through the Psalm and see the same refrain over and over and over again: “Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble and he saved them from their distress… Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men’.  There are several desperate situations that these people cry out to the Lord from, and they aren’t all worthy suffering moments, sure some of them are, some people are faced with mighty storms, are scared and cry out to God, some are faced with famine and hardship and cry out to God, that seems pretty natural to me. I can see the logic- hard situation followed by crying for help, followed by an answer. It’s a natural progression.

What I’m slightly more interested in is the ones who despised God, who rebelled against his ways, who became fools.  These seem to me to be the unworthy ones, the ones for whom crying out to the Lord seems like a futile exercise, surely they’ve blown their chance of being loved by him? But there comes the shock, it’s these people who are facing the consequences of their rebellion, who are stumbling, suffering because of what they’ve done that cry out to the Lord.  The surprising thing is: he answers them, he rescues them, he heals them.  Crazy. Not logical, if people have hurt us we are wary of them, we pull back, we withdraw, not so with our God, he comes closer. He disciplines and then welcomes back with open arms.

I think somewhere along the line I need to get this into my thick skull, that God really really loves us, really really really wants relationship with us and does wonderful deeds for us. The only way to avoid that love is not to cry out to the Lord, rebelling against him isn’t the end of the story, not crying out to him is what ends the story. He wants continual relationship with us, one where we can stuff up and it not be the end, one where we say sorry and he forgives us and we carry on together. That’s an awesome story, an amazing friendship, a incomprehensible love it’s a great love that keeps on loving us.

My question for myself and for you is are we crying out to the Lord? If we’ve got lost in the land of apathy and general awareness that our lives should look more like Jesus, if we’ve got lost in active rebellion doing all the things we know God abhors, if we’ve done that thing over and over again, if we’ve failed to love yet again, if we’re jealous, envious and proud are we crying out to God about it? Are we prepared to accept his long term love that will walk with us as we deal with these sins? Are we prepared to accept grace again and again and again.

It seems to me that the only thing stopping that happening is our pride, that refuses to accept the hands that are there to help us up. Are we prepared to put our pride to one side, look up and cry for help? Are we prepared to admit we are wrong, put our stubbornness to one side and accept the wonder of a God who wants to help us? Are we ready to sing out of the unfailing love of the Lord and his wonderful deeds for men?

To ponder:

“Whoever is wise, let him heed these things and consider the great love of the Lord”

What is stopping you from asking for help from God?

Cry out to help about that to our God who has great love for us

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