Sunday Morning…

It’s funny how the first sight of blue sky in a week can lift even the most dreary parts of this city. In moving from being on top of a hill into the valley we’ve lost our big picture landscape of the city, we no long look down on it from afar but we now live in it. Amongst the dirty streets and squawking seagulls we have made our dwelling. Two weeks of relentless rain do not make this city attractive, fog has added some atmosphere but down here in the valley there is feeling of being surrounded by unchanging grey.  We can no longer see The Downs in the distance, but this being Brighton we do have views, another reason I love this place. We can look across to the coloured houses of Muesli mountain and see the sun glinting off the windows creating shimmering beauty outside our flat.  On the top of the hill, nestled inbetween rows of houses sits a winter tree, stark against the skyline, lit up and highlighted by it’s uniqueness. I love gazing on this tree, so out of place amidst the houses, giving a break in the skyline and allowing the sun to peak over the horizon at the city. It’s Sunday morning and there is hope in the air.

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