Confessions: No. 134

On a cold Saturday at the end of November, as I sit in my cosy warm flat, I feel the need to confess something. For nearly a year now I have been someone who has lived a lie. The cult of tea drinking as the answer to all ills has been infiltrated by another caffeinated substance and I can live in deceit no longer. I swore it would never happen, it pains me to admit it but sometimes, in extreme circumstances I have been known to prefer a cup of coffee to a cup of tea.

Phew. That was a hard sentence to write.

Let me quickly add some qualifications to reassure my fellow tea lovers out there. There is still no substitute for a good cup of tea to cure all ills. Let me be clear on that issue. But since the birth into our lives of a Nespresso machine (without wanting to sound too much like I’m getting paid to write this post, although if anyone wants to send us free coffee capsules after reading this I’d be more than happy) I’ve had cups of coffee that are better than ones I can buy in the fair shops of Brighton. The Saturday morning paper reading routine is accompanied by coffee these days as a result of the lovely coffee produced by the machine.

I know, I am a traitor to the cult. I’m not sure where this leaves us now. Can the cult survive? I still eschew all forms of instant coffee and will choose tea over coffee in houses that don’t possess the machine in question (we’ll deal with my snobbery issues in another post). There isn’t any drink that could really top the classic builders cup of tea in my book. But I feel the need to at least be honest about my cheating on tea habits.

Is there any way forward from here?

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2 Responses to Confessions: No. 134

  1. Phil says:

    I will be praying for you Kath. Our God is a God of grace and I feel almost certain this isn’t the unforgiveable sin…

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