Advent begins…

Advent is here (well it was Advent Sunday yesterday and it’s soon to be the 1st of December and I’m impatient) and so we begin the series of Advent posts. This is not really to do with my over love of the festive season but to remind me and everyone who might pass this way what on earth this time of year is all about. For the ba humbugs out there I know, I know, it’s a pagan festival of light where we decided to put the time of year where we’d remember that the God of the whole universe came down to live amongst us and enable us to live with him. I have no qualms about the festival being used like that. We need to remember and we need a whole month of chewing on what that really looks like and what that might mean for our lives.
The Psalms are to be replaced by the songs of Christmas. Zechariah and Mary will get a look in, and maybe we’ll give the Angels a go as well. I’m hoping to go a bit Advent crazy in posting but we’ll see how that goes, no promises but expect some more goings on over here.

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