We live in a beautiful world

One of my favourite blogs to drop past is the lovely Anna’s. She takes beautiful pictures that always make me stop and stare at this world in a different way. Obviously I wanted her to take some pictures along the theme of ‘The Long Walk Home’. Here’s a couple she came up with, you’ll also find her dotted around the site as time moves on.

She says this about her photos:
“I love photography for lots of different reasons, but have come to realise that what lies at the heart of my photos is one very simple principle.
I don’t photograph what I see, but rather what I feel.
A picture has to speak to me, move me in some way or another and make me think. In just the same that I use my camera to capture a single moment, I want my photos to capture me, to draw me in, to ask to be pondered upon and delighted in. Images are powerful, and I love that everyone has different favourite photogaphs for different reasons.”

I like her and her photos.

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