Psalm 104

Who rules the world?
Does technology rule the world? Can it give us what we long for? Can it give us security, food, love and more?  Can the internet really provide for my needs? Does the ever increase in innovative treatments provide a feeling of safety when I think about the future? Do I trust in the progress of society to make life better and my world more manageable? Can these very useful tools help me love and be loved by the people around me? What will help me forgive, what can help me move beyond my self centred heart?
Do I rule the world? Am I calling the shots? Am I able to make my world better just by being really clever, charming, able, wonderful, ambitious and interesting? Am I useless at ruling my world if I fail to advance, don’t get the next job, fail to raise more money, get sick, or don’t provide for my family adequately? 
Who rules the world?
Psalm 104 offers a slightly different picture of who might be in charge of the world. Apparently God is. What does this God do then? We have here a complete picture of a God who is working in the world right now, who made this place and who is holding it together, who provides, who sets things up to work in their correct time.  The sun knows when to rise and set because God put it in place.
He just has to look at the earth and it trembles. I mean, come on, He just has to look at the earth and it trembles. He touches mountains and they smoke. That’s a big God.
I think that’s really the point of the Psalm, a glorious romp through creation, a dance down mountains looking at the various creatures along the way, a delighted look at the work of the Almighty. We do not rule this world, we do not make mountains tremble. God is the Mighty one. We’re called to join the song, to delight in this God, to remember that this is his world, he gets to say what goes here, he gets to tell us how we are to live. 
To ponder
Walk around, open your eyes, ponder the world we live in, look at the clouds, the sea, the sky, the leaves, the trees, the animals, each other. Gaze at a scene much bigger than you. Be astonished. Notice the detail. Watch us as we go about our lives. Be amazed at the Maker of it all.

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  1. Mandy says:

    thank you. just what the doctor ordered.

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