Long term living pt2

Long term living is starting to invade my subconscious, starting to grip me in ways that I’ve not encountered before. Starting to make me think that it could be possible to stay in one place and be patient for a while. But what makes me skip so much? What makes me want to run away?

Call me clichéd but I think it’s this world we live in. The fast on the go always on world I inhabit. I check stuff on the internet and facebook constantly, I haven’t given into twitter but I’m tempted. I know that there will be instant results from these searches, always a new bit of information about this world, about my friends, about people I barely know and people I really don’t to keep me occupied, to drown out the silence.
I don’t want to go on an anti technology rant, but as with most things the internet is a brilliant servant, but a hopeless master. I love that I can encourage instantly, talk to friends I love and care for easily. I love that I can be more aware of what goes on in this world and see people being creative, inventive and more on this medium. But I’m worried about the instant availability of everything. It’s eating away at my ability to be long term. It’s making me want more and more faster and faster. Speed of availability seems like the ultimate goal for most things in life right now.

It’s also playing havoc with my attention span. I love that we can condense thoughts into 140 characters now. A delightful medium. But what about the thoughts that require deeper insight, more explanation? These thoughts on long term living are long. They could be summed up in one sentence but when did brevity become the aim? Where is the space for length in the world of the instant? For something that takes longer than 3 minutes or 3 seconds to process?

I have a sneaking suspicion that there is great value in waiting, that we are made for slow patience as well as fast speedy instant results. Why? Because we were made by a long term God, a God of the whole of history who always did things and does things and will do things in His timing and not mine. We expect God to be a little like uber fast broadband, or the instant results of a google search.  I might pray for something on Monday and if it’s not answered by later in the day or tomorrow I give up.  I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be this way.

I want to cultivate a taste for the long term. For things that don’t happen instantly. We’re growing herbs on our window sill at the moment, for the first 4 days after we planted them, nothing happened. I got frustrated, didn’t believe they were planted properly, thought they would never grow. After 4 days. Crazy.

On the 5th day they started to grow, I saw signs of shoots and green, after that I believed a little more that they would eventually be herbs, but they take so long. We live in a world where not everything happens instantly, babies take 9 months to develop in the womb, plants take a long time to grow and mature and need care, buildings don’t get thrown up over night and friendships take time to evolve and grow. So much in this life takes time and effort. I need to remember that. To remember that I am not made for instant all the time.  I need to remember that because if I do, I might just start to remember what kind of God I belong to, I might be more content to wait for His work and seek it, rather than demand it right now.

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  1. I am glad to be your long term friend (in less than 140 characters on this occasion!)

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