Clean house/dirty house

I actually thought when I came home from work today, “I need to clean the house before I sit down and talk to Jesus.” Obviously there is a context to my madness. There is my ocd tendancy to think a clean clear house means a happy content mind of Kath (and that’s oddly true) so I clean, ordering thoughts, finally able to sit in peace and quiet after the cleaning is done. (yes I know this is a little odd, and I can pray in a messy room, honest…).

(Jump of logic)

I wonder how many of us really think we need to clean up our house before we talk to Jesus, clean up our act, wait until we’ve stopped doing the things that hurt him before we come to talk to him.

I wonder when we think that will happen?

I am constantly doing or thinking things that hurt Jesus. The point is I can come to him in those times. In the worst of times. Knowing that was the point. The whole deal of grace, undeserved love pouring out on us, was so we could relate, embrace and live well even when we’re in the equivalent of a pile of stinking manure. We don’t need to clean up the act. To put it bluntly we can’t, and if we think we can we’re kidding ourselves even more. We’re never going to be able to.  We might as well give up and hold out our arms from the pile of crap and cry to our Daddy.

Your correspondant… Attempting to close the gap between the wonderful truth of this and the amount of times she forgets it.

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