Lesson no. 568

When beating oneself up with a large stick for being generally useless, ugly, stupid and sinful, God doesn’t join in. He lovingly takes the stick from us, snaps it over his knee, wraps his arms around us and tells us once more that He loves us, that we are Dearly Loved. He whispers into our ears the truth and lets that warm bold incredible truth hold us until we can face the world again. Strong in His mighty power and not in our weak efforts.  So we can Hope in His mighty unfailing love which leaves the accuser scuttling for cover as his half truths, lies and accusations, which made up the stick we were beating ourselves with, are broken and stamped on by our Dad.

We are loved. We are delighted in.

“Grace, can you tell me love, where are your accusers now?”(Martyn Joseph)

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