Douglas strikes again.

I can’t read a Douglas Coupland novel without the need to paste quotes from it everywhere, well maybe with the exception of “All families are psychotic”.  His latest is called Generation A, 19 years on from Generation X it’s a similar mismash of stories and people who make up and invent those stories. The themes remain the same as in every Coupland story.  A band of people encountering each other, attempting to discover meaning, or despair at the lack of meaning, or just ask lots of questions about who we are and why we are here. As ever he manages to get under the skin of part of what it is to be human, has insight into the future spin of our world (what will happen when the bees finally disappear?) and has some kick ass quotes.

“And then what do you do- do you pray? What is prayer but a wish for the events in your life to string together to form a story – something that makes some sense of events you know have meaning.  And so I pray”

“I decided that knowledge comes from real life and from travel and interacting with others. So I decided to spend all my awake time playing World of Warcraft.  How amazing to see all that mythology acting itself out in real time, fueled by genuine human sentience!”

The new drug: Solon
“Introducing SOLON
SOLON CR is indicated for the short term treatment of psychological unease grounded in obsession with thinking about the near and distant future.  By severing the link between the present moment and a patients perceived future state, researchers have found a pronounced and significant drop in all forms of anxiety. As well, researchers have found that disengagement with the “future” has allowed many patients complaining of persistent loneliness to live active and productive single lives with no fear or anxiety.”

“Serge said, ‘Stories come from a part of you that only gets visited rarely – sometimes never at all. I think most people spend so much times trying to convince themselves that their lives are stories that that actual story-creating part of their brain hardens and dies. People forget that there are other ways of ordering the world’.”

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