Night in/Night out

Last night: 8 people in the flat. We ate sushi with the delightful yet surreal addition of Wotsits.  Talk, honesty, reality, psalm 33 and prayer followed. We bundled into coats and hats in the corridor  and headed out on the icy roads to the seafront for this: Brighton Pier as a green ghost. Reminded of why we love Brighton as we join others in the freezing cold for this spectacle.

“Drink?” We drove off in search of a pub near free parking and found the wonderfully daft Bali Brasserie and Tropical Bar.  Long mirrored corridor to get in, steel bar stools, carpeted bar,  ginger wine, no-one else around, jazz from the 40s playing in the background.  We played pool and marvelled at the surroundings.  All in all a beautiful night in and night out in Brighton.

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  1. Wish I could have been with you guys! If I’d known that no guests were going to be at the CU event, I’d have skipped it and joined you 😦

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