Monday. Lunchbreak.

I can’t contain it any longer. I hate the word Hubby.  If someone asks me how my hubby is one more time I shall possibly shoot them. Seriously, is there a more degrading word? (obviously there is, but my desire for hyperbole in my life grows ever stronger when I think about this word.) It makes my husband sound like a wet blanket, a teddy, it makes us sound like we talk sickening sweet talk to each other in the middle of the night (we might do but that really isn’t to be displayed to the rest of the world), it makes us sound like all we do all day is buy those cards with the annoying teddybears on them (the grey ones, you know…) and send them to each other with fake messages to make you vomit.  Hubby is a degrading word, it makes my husband sound like my pet.  He’s really not.

Disclaimer: Nope I don’t apologise if you use this word on a regular basis. At somepoint the madness has to stop.

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1 Response to offensive?

  1. but you and your husband are so cute and lovely… what alternatively cute and lovely word can we use to describe him?

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