A couple of weeks ago our fridge broke, being enslaved to the genius system of a letting agency who can only pass messages on to the Landlord, who appears to be out of the country for most of his life, we still haven’t got our fridge fixed. Leaving aside the mildly annoying state of not being able to store food for more than one day there is the more important realisation that I need to get milk every day. I need my evening cups of tea and my morning cup of tea. No longer do I live with the ease of opening the fridge and there being my milk, my pathway to joy. (ahem).

Recently I’ve become obsessed with one day at a time living. Remembering that today is the day I am called to remember my Maker. Today is the day to encourage the people around me to remember we are creatures in the hands of a very good Creator. Today is the day I live in. I worry and I look forward to and I ache for the future (especially the one beyond the 19th December :)) but in all of that I am only here Today. Weirdly buying the milk each day reminds me of that. I can’t store it up, I can’t plan to use it the next day, it will have gone off. Today I need to buy it and use it. Today is the day to buy milk, we shall drink tea and be glad in it. (or some similar phrase… alsoseeexodusandmannaforeactualdependanceongodforeverythingliving)

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3 Responses to Milk

  1. This is awesome! Thanks Kath, a really good reminder šŸ™‚

  2. John Walker says:

    Or you can fill the sink with cold water and keep the milk in that : )

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