Driving into Brighton, sky awash with light from the sun disappearing over the horizon. Walking through the lanes, meandering around the lit up Pavillion, crescent moon framed through elegant trees. Conversation, the dance of the unknown, skimming through the surface wondering which depths are allowed to be touched. The band, loud bright colour, faces that love this vibrant joy. Horns, drum beat and dropped in bass making my feet and body move. Room full of people dancing, those that care too much urgently glancing around to see if they are doing it right, those that don’t care at all flailing around in the breeze of noise. Smiles, nods, familar grins, squeezes on shoulders to make sure everyone is having  a good time.

Sunny morning cycling along the seafront, sparkling waters, blue blue skies and the chill in the air of the dying summer and rising autumn. 

Coffee shop, wooden tables, layered coffee: brown to beige to white foam.  Sunshine spilling through the windows. Realising I can talk, interact, ask questions and more. Smiling ruefully at all the random thoughts swirling around my head. Sensing the fragility of love in this world. Bittersweet sense of failure and the hope of redemption all at once.

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