You know you’re not a Staff Worker when…

Following on from my well recieved (amongst some quarters at least) “you know you’re a Staff Worker when…”. I was driving home tonight and several thoughts came to mind. I share them with you. Enjoy at your leisure, any complaints can be made to the usual address…

You know you’re not a UCCF Staff Worker when…

You find yourself in one place, for an entire month.

You don’t drive to 10 different places in one week.

You’ve slept in your own bed for an entire month.

You haven’t been to 5 conferences already and show no sign of freshers flu, or trench foot from the mud at Forum.

At the end of the day when you mentally calculate the hours you’ve spent with students, you realise that it doesn’t matter, it’s not your job anymore.

You fill your car with petrol every 2 weeks instead of every 2 days.

You suddenly have free evenings, free evenings, to play, to see friends, to get involved with church.

Doing Bible Study seems like fun, not work.

You find yourself thinking, oo maybe I will put some Christian music on the ipod, I haven’t heard any for a while.

(to be fair, there are a whole lot more things I could write that I really do miss about not being on Staff anymore, I miss the people, the banter, the talking to people who have way bigger brains than me who love Jesus way more than I do who inspire me to more…)

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1 Response to You know you’re not a Staff Worker when…

  1. Little Mo says:

    I miss Kath. That’s all.

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