Music according to a 4 and a half year old.

Katherine (small four year old, sitting on my bedroom floor going through my CD collection): “Where are the girls? I want to listen to girls.”

She finds Blondie and puts it on: Cue small dancing and a declaration: “I like this one”

Eddi Reader, the Indigo Girls, Five, The Eels, The Eagles, Corine Bailey Rae, Johnny Cash, Norah Jones and Kate Rusby were all put on the CD player. Katherine, after pausing thoughtfully, head on one side, listening intently, seeing if she could do a little boogie to each one, decided after each one: “This is good, this is”. A sound endorsement. Norah even warranted a replay.

She was less enamored with Bob Dylan, Franz Ferdinand Elbow and Afro Celt Soundsystem. (well who could blame her)

Other cute moments of the afternoon: Katherine, looking around the house and wondering where the others are who live here: “Where are your people?”

And finally on leaving: “I love everyone in your house.” Mwah.

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