365 French style…

Arriving to a palatial holiday home for the week, the sunshine, French supermarkets, endless games of contract whist, bad films, the sunshine, wine, more wine, wine on the terrace, wine in French village squares in the shade, wine in beautiful restaurants, Sarah’s cute giggling fits and her generosity- “this one is on me”, the waiters wonderful French accent explaining the even more wonderful food on offer, chats, snorts of laughter from reading our books, random Narnia quoting moments, Sarah saving us from the bat, Phil and Katie, Phil’s slight obsession with the drink hour of the day, walking and talking with Katie in the morning sunshine, walks around sleepy French villages, ice cream, du pain, du vin et du boursin, ‘rest’ days, church, Psalm 130, vineyards, sunflowers, sunshine, scrabble, chocolate, tea, aperitif hour, picnics in the field, lazy mornings, random dream sharing, more sunshine, talking about James, talking about heaven, reading some more books.

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