Giggling inappropriately in a prayer meeting. Comedy praying is always best. Oh and rediscovering this by the brilliant Stewart Henderson. I’m sure it’s a good thing that the talks I’m writing are making me cry.

For when our hearts weep glorious
relieved of all this miserable
Roll down canyons careless we
echoing with glee and goodness
Forming visions in the scampering dust
and skimming frisbees made of sun spots

For when our hearts weep glorious
weightless of all bitter slump
sparkling as a beach we all
then burrow through the sighing waves
to play see -saw with driftwood and shells

For when our hearts weep glorious
For when our hearts shout ‘what a hoot’
For when our hearts skip round and round
For when our hearts beat lots and more

Then there we race in radiance
and all these dreams are then and now
and after that there is no fade
For when our hearts swoop without fall
outshines all
the one who paid

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