The month of May.

Usually in my world, for some unknown reason, May is a depressing month, I get sad and down and generally mope around. This, coupled with my general less than cheery outlook on life leads to much misery. Which is silly because this is the sunny warm happy month. As I was on the train enjoying the sunshine today I decided to fight back against May and 365 (note it has now become a verb) for the rest of the month. So 31 it is, a revival of the things to be thankful for, a revival of delighting in the details. Already I can feel my brain not wanting to put down the merely good things about a day, it wants to moan and mope. But there is joy out there, there is stuff that is cool out there, and there are beautiful things to be thankful for.

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2 Responses to The month of May.

  1. Sarah says:

    I have also been thinking that Kath’s blog has been less interesting than usual… so am delighted for a 31 Days of May… not just becasue it will be something interesting to read most days!

  2. Becci Brown says:

    wow…a resurrection of 365. what delights!

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