Treats that have made me smile, think, ponder, be delighted and made me cry over the last week:

1.Total Church. If you haven’t read it, read it now. Go on. NOW. Read it? Good, now face the challenge. It says things like this:

“I am not autonomous. I am person-in-community. I cannot be who I am without regard to other people… My being in Christ means being in Christ with those others who are in Christ. This is my identity. This is our identity. To fail to live out our corporate identity in Christ is analogous to the act of adultery: We can be Christians and do it but it is not what Christians should do. The loyalties of the new community supersede even the loyalties of biology.”

How that is worked out in community makes up the rest of the book, it’s the first book in a while that has woken my soul up so vigorously.

2.Josh Rouse- Country Mouse, City House. rousejosh-countrymousecityhouse-1.jpg
One of those beautiful infectious albums that gets under your skin and manages to soothe the soul at the same time. Also the Amy Macdonald album, the new Jack Johnson album, and the joys of the Wombats and their cheery Joy Division song: “Lets dance to Joy Division, and celebrate the Irony, everything is going wrong, but we’re so happy, we’re so happy.” Indeed.

3.Marcus Honeysett at our new CU leaders training weekend. Quotes like “Comfort is not normal for Christians”, “Pleasure in comfort is the opposite of the gospel”, “Faith involves stepping out without knowing the results”, “What’s the worst that could happen? You’d fall on your face, fail and look stupid- that doesn’t matter”, “Are you worshiping Christ every day?”, “In what areas of your life are you likely to cherish comfort more than Christ this year?”. Also: the late night chats, the conviction of sin, the possibilities offered by redemption and the joy of knowing I am a stupid sinner who remains loved and worked on by the Living and True God of all creation. My soul wanting to taste and live reality.

4. Playing the bongos lots, both in the band on the weekend and the Rooted gig last week, apologies for the bad photo…


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  1. Steffy B says:

    Man, that IS a bad photo!

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