I discovered this on an old tape the other day. Stewart Henderson is a genius poet, you’ll have discovered his way with words if you’ve listened to any Martyn Joseph stuff. He’s best at stabbing into the heart with truth, here’s such an example:

“The Bible that I read interprets poverty as sin
I’d like to prove this now but I’m not sure what part it’s in.
So if you’re in a death camp finding things a little tough,
The reason that you’re there is cos your faith is not enough.

I don’t use words like failure cos everything’s so super
I know that God can heal, and if he can’t there’s always Bupa.
And here I am so famous with a worldwide ministry,
Having scrapped the bleeding Jesus for a prosperous trinity

Marketable, confidence and public platform charm
A rages to riches testimony, a talent to disarm.
And then the big finale with the tax free loud hard sell
No need to trouble acolytes with rumours of a hell.

Now all you people unemployed, no need to feel condemned,
It’s true that you’re all losers, but here’s how to make amends.
Remove the truth of suffering and other dangerous parts,
Encourage self obsession in the Rolls Royce of your hearts.”

(Stewart Henderson.)

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