The thing I love most in this world are good conversations, conversations that sweep into the depths of what it means to be human, that glory in the wonder of this life, that analyse and draw interesting conclusions. These always leave me buzzing, wanting more, knowing that the world is really a lot bigger than we think. These are the conversations that explore the amazing world between question and answer, that search for new possiblities. Within these interactions other answers are tested out, tentative theories are offered and, although the end product may well be the same answer, you come away much more aware of how little you know, how big this world is and how incredibly we have been made as humans.

Laura and Alasdair are two of my favourite people to have such conversations with, because they don’t come to the same conclusions as me, their answer to the questions is different, and so we can talk within that, explore the world between the question and answer and gain insight from each others perspective. We still all come away with that humbled awe at the limits to our knowledge, the wonder of being human and the constant questioning of what it means to be alive.

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