A small announcement.

I think the time has come to share this news with the 2 people and cat who read this blog. Yes, there is news of epic proportions in the air. For a while now I have been battling with the thorny issue of whether to continue having sugar in my tea. I’ve always had one sugar with my tea based on the belief that it makes for a better, more rounded cup of tea (or because I have an insanely sweet tooth). But in recent months I have come to see that no sugar in tea might be better all round. The change came at L’abri when I drank copious amounts of tea, fairly milky which needed no sugar, in fact the sugar made them taste worse. I had never experienced such feelings before. Since then I’ve really really tried to put sugar back in my tea but to no avail. The drink I had known and loved for so many years was unfamiliar to me.

The transition has been hard, for a few weeks I have wavered in my love of tea, with sugar it tasted bad, without sugar it also tasted strange. I was unnerved. Could it be that I was loosing my love for tea? Was I loosing my mind? Thankfully today I had a breakthrough. I had a cup of tea without sugar that I enjoyed, yes even loved. Was this a freak occurrence? No, I am currently partaking in my second cup of tea without sugar for the day, and enjoying it. These are strange times. I don’t think I shall be rigid in my sugar ban, for instance on a rainy cold afternoon I may enhance my tea with some comforting sugar, but until those times the real change remains. No more sugar in my tea. This is a significant day. I am glad to share it with you.

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9 Responses to A small announcement.

  1. Anthony says:

    Kath – I’m honoured to have been one of the two people to hear this momentous news via your blog. Could this mean that the rapture is imminent?

  2. Steffy says:

    I have set up some sort of whatsname that makes a ‘ping!’ noise and sends me a popup when someone puts a new post on Important Blogs. Yours was the first on my new thingy, and I feel it was important enough to warrant the ping. Thank you.

  3. Mark says:

    2 people have already left a comment.I must be a cat.

  4. Sarah says:

    If Mark was a cat… what am i?

  5. Anne Witton says:

    NOOOOOOO! This is terrible news! As someone who has 4 sugars in my tea (heaped), I must beg you to reconsider your unwise decision to move away from the sweet stuff. We sugar-lovers are a dying breed, in danger of being marginalised and shunned just like smokers. Soon they will be banning sugary tea in pubs for fear that someone nearby might get tooth decay by osmosis. Don’t jump ship Bongo! The sugar-lovers need you.

  6. Kath says:

    Witsy, I’m sorry, it pains me it really does, I am almost angry with myself for giving in, but there is no return. There is no return. Please forgive me, I fear being ostrisised by people whom I once shared such sweet fellowship with in the sugar with tea community. Mark- well done for commenting! You are clearly learning to use those paws well.

  7. Nathan says:

    This announcement has been a long time coming. What it really says is that August 2007 marks the date that you really started to like tea. If people want a sweet hot drink, let them have hot chocolate. But if you want a true cup of greatness, stick to your sugar-free mugs. I’m so pleased for you.

  8. Anne Witton says:

    Well, Bongo, I am still reeling from the news, but I have decided to forgive you. This is only because I think you’re great though!As for Nathan’s comment about sugary tea not being ‘proper’ – pah! Don’t tell that to anyone in Africa! (And there are more of them than us so I fear that you non-sugar takers may get outvoted if we go globally-democratic on this).Hot chocolate is simply vile and deserves to be re-classified as a useless-non-beverage-liquid(as do Horlicks and Oxo ‘drink’).

  9. Kath says:

    Nathan, nathan you are misguided, I LOVED my years of sugar in tea, if I could go back I would, but alas I fear there is no return. I remain at one with the sugar in tea brigade, I do not want to convert them, all things are equal in the tea world. The drinking of the tea is enough, how we have it is pure relative taste for the individual, the important thing is that we are united in tea. It matters not if it is milky, strong, weak, sugary or not. (although those who merely dip the tea bag in and pull it away far too quickly may be indulging in the antichrist of tea drinking, but that’s another discussion:-)WItsy, thank you for your forgiveness. You are indeed a kind and wise person, if misguided on your views of hot chocolate!

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