What do you see?

The reality of the invisible sometimes seems like the most slippery thing to hang onto in this life. The reality that there is more out there than I can imagine, that the invisible affects the visible, that there is a God who knows what He is doing sometimes seems so hard to grasp. There are moments this week when I have caught a glimpse of that invisible, the annoying thing is that the peek behind the curtain seems to only increase my frustration at not being able to grasp it more fully. Tonight I have to talk about who Jesus is. I want to give it my all, to speak of the wonders of Jesus, the reality of the Word become flesh, the beauty of his humanity, the wonder of his death and ressurection. But everytime I go through the talk I think that it’s all bonkers.

The good thing is that we’re told to expect this. Foolishness is the hallmark of the message, something that seems bonkers, inadequate and stupid if there is no invisible. On my good days I love that. I love that God gets to be the clever one, displaying his message through weak stupid stuff, so that all get to see how brilliant He is. On my bad days I’m frustrated that it isn’t written in neon letters in the sky for all to see. We are told the night is coming to an end and that the day is coming. Living in the light of that day goes against all my instincts, but also points to the fullfillment of all my body cries out for. Living in the light of that day I shall do my talk tonight and trust that the Maker of this world will be at work opening eyes to see Him. Really all I want to do is put John’s account of Jesus life into their hands and make them read about the most amazing man who ever lived.

Looking out of my window I can see that the trees are moving in the wind. Maybe the invisible really does affect the visible in this world…

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1 Response to What do you see?

  1. Marc Lloyd says:

    Kath,Sorry to post this here but couldn’t see an email for you.Just to say that God-willing I’m going to be the curate at Holy Trinity, Eastbourne from July.You must come over for tea and we can talk about world evangelization, Eastbourne and students,Best,Marc Lloydmarclloyd.blogspot.commarc_lloyd@hotmail.com

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