All I know to do is go…

Yes, that time has come. Once again I get into a car, drive oddles of miles up the country and stay in the delights of the Qunita. Every time I manage to resist the need to buy a T Shirt from the centre declaring that I have ‘binta the Quinta’. But I have been there a lot of times. Housemates have been abandoned, e-mails left unanswered, blogs unattended and although I’m sad to leave I get to have fun doing what I love, hanging out with my mates, working in a team and generally getting to see God do some stuff. I’ve bought my Qunita survival kit, consisting of lots of fruit, dutch blitz and new clothes to feel happy in. I’ve put good tunes on the ipod for those introvert moments, I’ve even baked cakes to provide the lovely staff team with energy. All I need to do now is go.

“But if I weren’t leaving you
I don’t know what I would do
But the more I go the less I know
Will the fire still burn on my return?
Keep the path lit on the only road I know
Honey all I know to do is go”
(indigo girls)

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2 Responses to All I know to do is go…

  1. thebluefish says:

    Cakes. Yay. See you in the morning.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m so proud that you’ve posted the very blue ladies!!Lxx

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