Tonight we had a sermon on the epic showdown between David and Goliath. Or between a 9ft tall man and the Creator of the Universe. Our preacher man pointed out a few things about the way God does things. Which again hit the spot of my agonising thoughts over the last few months, anyone would think that someone was out there wanting to sort my head out a bit on this score.

Anyway. The first point was: God uses people in his purposes (the preacher actually didn’t use that wonderful alliteration, I made that up all by myself, are you proud?). Which sounds simple enough, but is a pretty balmy thought. I mean, people like you and me who get it Oh so wrong lots of the time, he uses us. Weird. A couple of questions were posed; “Have you got out of the habit of expecting to be used for God?” and “When did you last say to God, I’m here, use me?”. Hmmm. Ponder those for a moment.

The next couple of points reminded us that God is the central figure in this drama, because David puts him there. David knows his God, he knows his strength and character, and trusts in that relationship with his life. God’s provision is immeasurable, God is a God who provides. A God who knows how to look after his people. We can trust and depend on Him.

Whatever the random warblings of my brain about who God is and how he works, the reality is that I am in a relationship with Him and that He wants to use me for his purposes. I give up, it’s too hard to argue with God all the time. Time out, time to sit back and marvel a bit at His character. I’m sure more wrestling will follow soon but for now I give up. God works in ways beyond ours, and tonight that is going to have to be enough. I’m reassured about the way he works and his character, and the crazy grace that is kind enough to reassure me. The timing couldn’t be more perfect and I head off to conferences this week with a little more certainty that the Maker of the Universe has good stuff for us to do there, people to transform, lives to change and that He wants little old me to play a part in it all. Weird but reassuring.

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