Dear Diary

Well, the Bluefish has been at work again, proving that all he does all day is play around on the internet. Seriously though, thanks go to him for not sticking with UCCF colours and making things look better around these blogs.

And so it is that I leave these screens once more, head off to the other side of Europe and attempt to tell people about the true nature of reality. I’m going to Bulgaria with a lovely team at stupid o’clock tomorrow morning. If you pray, pray for us, for safety, good travel, good relationships with each other and the Bulgarians, and for more delight in the works and ways of the Maker himself. I’ve been reminded today that He’s working for Good in this world, and is a God who delights in using the weak and foolish things to shame the wise and to demonstrate His power. I get to be a part of that everyday, and on this summer trip which is a very Good Thing.

Right, I have some more of my Birthday to enjoy, a friend to hang out with this afternoon and a long long journey to look forward to tomorrow. If I get near an internet cafe I’ll post something interesting up here, but until then, go and read a book, it’s so much more worthwhile.

Oh and just to reassure some of you, and disturb others, the flame for Neighbours hasn’t yet died, Karl is back, Susan has a family around her again and is doing her Julie Andrews act again, it’s all going to be ok.

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