Are you branded?

A year ago, before work discovered the wonder of UCCF colours and way before the Bluefish branded himself I bought these chairs. It turns out that my cheapo garden chairs are the colours of UCCF. Here they are in all their glory, Pod if you use this I want payment!

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10 Responses to Are you branded?

  1. Dr Rob Yeung says:

    Browsing random blogs on a Sunday afternoon. Just thought HoveActually was a very cunning name for a blog!Murmurs and Musings on Success at Work

  2. thebluefish says:

    Can u an Lou learn how to link properly…. you’ve both but odd links towards me in the last 24 hours, neither of which work… you’re missing a “http://” whereas she invented a whole new blog address..:)cool chairs..

  3. Anonymous says:

    UCCF chairs and a million CU Hoodies…hmmm, anyone would think you might work for UCCF.

  4. Kath says:

    Apologies Bish, situation rectified! and yes anonymous… i do, and am starting to accept that after 3 years of it! And the million CU hoodies is a myth, I only have about 8…:-)

  5. thebluefish says:

    It remains that with the chairs and the hoodies you are thoroughly UCCF. And thats a good thing!

  6. -bb- says:


  7. Lou says:

    Sorreeeee bish – i’ve changed mine too (I could have been talking about an entirely differnt bish who had a different blog address… that happened not to work…. :op)

  8. Andy says:

    8 hoodies! Isn’t that gluttony – more than one for each day of the week?!?!You are SO UCCF that you buy prophetically significant items – maybe you should start ‘’ and list all of the things you buy so that we can watch the signs of the times… what do you think(I think HoveActually is a GREAT blogname and not all that random – surely a random name would be “aslfkhkaf” (whatever your fingers hit?)

  9. Kath says:

    Hmmm. That could be interesting, by my logic, that means UCCF could be in for an interesting spell seeing as some recent items of mine were an ipod shuffle, a fat face top, cherries, bongos, lots of CDs and some books, what might we discern from that? The future is to sit around all day listening to music and eating cherries. I think there is a strategy there after all.

  10. étrangère says:

    And playing bongos. Don’t forget that. Would my new bodhran be permitted to join in too?Love the chairs!

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