One year ago…

One year ago I decided, almost against my better nature, to start blogging. There are many moments when I sit down and try to work out just why it is that I carry on blogging. A state of mind that comes to us all. I guess the truth lies in many places, we all blog for different reasons. Looking deep inside, just for a brief moment, these are my reasons for blogging.

It’s fun.
It makes me try and actually write, as opposed to my usual garbled scrawl which I can’t read later.
Ideas that I have should be able to be communicated, this medium helps me attempt coherence.
It’s a space for a bit of creativity.
I get to share stuff with my mates, and any randoms trawling through the blogsphere.
Some of the stuff I say may possibly be of use to fellow travelers on this journey.
It’s nice to be noticed.
I get to meet new people and be amused, encouraged and entertained by their take on life.
It’s helpful to look back on and remember stuff and events.

But there are reasons I’m not so keen on the blogging thing.

It fuels my twisted compare myself with everyone else nature.
It can become a competition for attention rather than just a fun expression of life.
Really, do I need to spend as many moments as I do meandering through blogs?
It’s all too easy to gain the art of skimming and lose the art of reading.

I guess all this is an expression of some part of me, Kath Arnold. And just writing to express my life is enough motive to carry on without becoming tangled in knots. It’s easy to write things here to impress others, to gain their interest and acclamation. If this stuff does that, that’s ok, but some of the truth might just be that I write here to express myself, to be a referral point for a future self and to have some fun. As with everything in this life, reasons for doing things are always mixed up together. I’m looking forward to heaven and getting to see whether purity in motive really means just having one motive or something altogether more complex. I suspect the latter, seeing as we have a delightfully complex and intriguing Maker.

Navel gaze over. My hope is that visitors here enjoy this as much as I do sometimes, and that the thinking deep thoughts part of these posts never become so ‘precious’ as to escape critism, further wisdom and insight. And that the random bits are truely random.

Now can anyone tell me for one last time, why doesn’t the spell checker on this recognise blog, blogger and blogsphere. Surely someone must have put those words into it when they enabled it to spell check a blog?

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3 Responses to One year ago…

  1. James Taylor says:

    Hey Kath,If it’s an encouragement to you, I enjoy reading your blog. Carry on blogging for as long as you want!

  2. thebluefish says:

    Well done for making it through a year. Here’s to the next one!

  3. Timmy C says:

    I ditto Dave, thanks for the posts you’ve given us! They’re honest, sometimes painfully so – and I love them for that!

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