Home sweet home.

Well, I find myself back in the land of Brighton, back in the world of work, and unusally I have about two weeks in Brighton without going anywhere, just spending each day in one place. I’m hoping not to waste these times but be constructive and productive. And obviously delighting in the grace that accepts me when I am neither construcive or productive.

The Lakes worked their usual magic on my soul. I forgot everything else that exists in this world, I lived in the inbetween world for a week. It was good to be away, good to have long days of relaxed times, good company and fine food. Good to walk up mountains and meander by lakesides. But in the midst of the fun and the laughter, the mellow times, the fireside chats, the hymn quoting, the wonderful moments, there was a tinge of sadness as well. Because as wonderful as the lakes are, they aren’t it.

My life is not complete if I head there three or more times a year. They are not my home. They feel like it but they are not. The new earth is still the reality we are living for. The best moments in this life are still tinged by our sin and shame. That is no bad thing. Because we were made for more than this. We were made to share and enjoy and delight in the new creation. Imagining an even better Lake District is hard to do, but it will be even better than this.

Until then we still have a cross that takes all our sin and shame, a God who never tires of reminding us of his love and a home to go to. Bring it on.

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